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90 Years of Training Ship Jadran

Photographic Exhibition | 90 Years of Training Ship Jadran

Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Kotor, Montenegro, 4th to 11th August 2023

I am pleased to announce, that I will have photographic exhibition in honour of 90 Years of Training Ship Jadran. The exhibition will be held at the Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor from 4th to 11th August 2023.

The exhibition features 22 color photos taken by me during voyages across the Mediterranean and with students of Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor/University of Montenegro. The photos are printed in large format (100×60 cm) and illustrate the beauty and majesty of the Jadran, as well as its historical, educational, esthetical and cultural significance. Among the photos, 16 have been previously exhibited in various countries, while 6 are new and will be shown to the public for the first time.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the photo "Dolphin", which won the first prize at the photo competition organized in 2015 by the Serbian Institute for the Preservation of Nature and National Geographic. The photo captures a rare moment of a dolphin jumping out of the water next to the Jadran, creating a stunning contrast between the natural and the man-made.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 4th August at 21:00. The exhibition is open to all visitors who are interested in maritime history, photography, or simply admire the Jadran as a symbol of Montenegro's naval heritage.

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