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St Sava & Lode

On the 27th of January in Kotor (Montenegro) we celebrate two saints. Serbian Orthodox Church on that day celebrates its founder St Sava & the Roman Catholic Church celebrates St Tryphon the protector of the city of Kotor and the protector of the Kotor Bishopric. Citizens of Kotor, municipal authorities & traditional organisations of Kotor participate in this celebration.

The Divine Liturgy begins at 10:00 in the Orthodox church of St Nicholas in Kotor. Around 11:30 the priest, Serbian Choir Unity (1839) and the faithful people get out on the portal of the St Nicholas church & St Lucas Square to welcome Kotor Brass Band (1842). After mutual salutation Kotor Brass Band performs a few tunes, among them is a Hymn to St Sava composed by Dionisie de Sarno san Giorgio (1856-1937) composed for Serbian Choir Unity. When musical part is over the highest-ranking priest gives a short homily and the blessing to all gathered. This year the homily and the blessing was given by the Archpriest-Stavrophor Gojko Perović, the rector of the Seminary of St Peter of Cetinje.

After the homily & the blessing Kotor Brass Band, municipal authorities, citizens & guest proceed through the streets of Kotor to the Square of St Tryphon. Upon their arrival clergy and the bishop of Kotor also take their place at the square. This year, since a new bishop of Kotor is still not introduced in his office, the Apostolic Administrator mons. Rrok Gjonlleshaj & mons. Ilija Janić Bishop Emeritus where present. At noon from the balcony of the Basilica-Cathedral of St Tryphon Karlo Ribica, the Young Admiral of Bokelian Navy (9th century) started with reciting the Lode, which are praises in honour of St Tryphon. While he is reciting the flag with the image of St Tryphon is raised on the pool.

After finishing Lode, bishops, clergy, and the faithful people enter the cathedral to venerate the Glorious Head of St Tryphon, which is a relic of St Typhon.

These two religious feasts, happening on the same day, are important part of the spiritual life of Kotor in which both Catholic & Orthodox take a part. Also, traditional organisations of Kotor: Bokelian Navy, Serbian Choir Unity & Kotor Brass Band play significant role in these celebrations. This short video illustrates the St Sava & Lode celebration in 2021.

Video was recorded on Samsung Galaxy S20+ mounted on the DJI OM4 gimbal. Video editing was made in Wondershare Filmora X.

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